📬 Watch out for E-Mails, dear Template Manager.
You know that feeling of finishing a big checklist? And the confetti, right?
I mean that one:
But what if no one notices that you just completed the checklist brilliantly?
Now you have to do it manually and let them know that you're done.
Until now. A little side note:
Did you know?
Template Manager
is the person responsible for quality assurance and monitoring of the mapped process. He is interested in the progress and problems that occur during the completion of the checklist.
From now on everyone will notice
With the new release, the template manager receives a notification about the completion of a checklist.
image (1)
As soon as someone completes a checklist for which a template manager has been set, this person receives a notification to the e-mail address provided. Attached to this email will be the completed checklist as a PDF including possible annotations and images.
This way, the person in charge has the immediate opportunity to react to any notes, comments or problems and does not have to proactively search for the hints.
And that is just the beginning. We want checklists to significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of processes and repetitive processes. That's why we need your help: What important events do you want to be informed about?
Tell us about your use cases, tell us what you need, so that together we can achieve exactly this goal.
đź“­ Never start without template again
If empty states mean yawning emptiness, then they do not help to quickly get started with the evaluation of an app.
That's why we now provide you with a suitable default template when you install our Checklists app in Jira and Confluence.
So you can get started right away and put our app through its paces without having to use our template manager directly. Getting to know and using our app quickly is crucial for us - get in touch if you have any questions!
Don't use the Mobile App yet?
Automatic assignments of checklists to issue types in Jira Cloud
You can decide for which issue types in your project you want to assign which checklist template automatically. If a new issue is created afterward, this issue will have the selected checklist attached automatically.
This is how you do it:
  1. Navigate to your project in Jira Cloud
  2. Click on "Project Settings". image If you do not see this navigation option in your project, your user most likely is not allowed to access this area and make changes. Please ask your Jira administrators to give you the rights or to make the needed configuration for you.
  3. Choose "Assign checklists" in the "Project settings" under "Apps": image
  4. Assign the checklists to your issue types. Each issue type in a project will get its own row and can be configured individually. You can also leave our checklist assignments for issue types. image
  5. If you feel, that you want to change your checklist templates or need to create new checklist templates please do so separately (in a new window) under "Apps > Checklists". image
  6. Repeat the configuration procedure for all projects that should have checklists assigned automatically.
In our view, this new issue really changes the way our checklist app can be used. Up until now, you had to rely on individuals to create a checklist whenever it was needed. Now you can automate the creation of a checklist and get more control of the wholistic workflow in Jira.
Manually assign checklists to Jira issues
If you want to assign a checklist to an issue in Jira Cloud there is now a convenient way to do so:
  1. In the right column click on the custom field with the checklist symbol. image
  2. Choose a checklist template or create a new one. image
  3. Find your checklist attached in this custom field with an indicator of how much checklist tasks remain. image
Native mobile apps for checklists for iOS and Android released
We're proud to announce, that we have published a companion app for your iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, that will make working on your checklists much faster and easier.
Especially creating new checklists will be a breeze as our app will remember all templates you ever used in any of your accounts and allow you to recreate a checklist instance from it with a single click. Gone is the search for the right link or a QR code.
We have worked more than a month meticulously to present something that is production-ready. We're using it internally daily. And Martin claims that he hasn't used the web interface in three weeks although he's filling out two checklists every day. You should really try it out.
  1. Install the app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Create a new checklist or open an existing one
  • Scan a QR Code (here is an example as PDF / PNG)
  • Click on a link of an existing checklist or a creation link.
  • Put such a link into your clipboard and open the mobile app.
  1. Work on a checklist and finish them.
  2. Navigate to templates to see all existing templates you have ever used in the app and use them again.
  3. Look at recently created and used checklists.
Checklists for Atlassian Jira Cloud published!
We're proud to announce that our checklist solution is now also available for Jira Cloud. It's approved in the Atlassian Marketplace since today.
You checklist data are in synch both in Confluence and Jira.
This app is fully compatible with our Confluence solution. So if you're using both Jira and Confluence in the Atlassian Cloud the data will be in synch and you'll find the same templates and checklists in both software products if you have installed our checklists solution. The Confluence version in the Marketplace is here.
Automatic conversion of links into embedded checklists or buttons in Confluence pages
If you insert a link to a checklist or a generation link into a Confluence page, it will automatically turn into a checklist macro that renders your content in a useful way. This is how it works for checklists:
1. Copy the link of a checklist in your clipboard
or simply copy the URL of a checklist from a browser window.
2. Insert the URL / link in a Confluence page
Generation links auto-convert into a checklist button
If you paste a link to automatically convert to a checklist button.
This also works with public checklist and template links from other instances.
Ability to create new checklist template from within a Confluence page
We have added the ability to create a completely new template directly from within the "/checklist" and the "/Checklist template" macro in Confluence pages.
1. Add the "Checklist" macro to your page
2. Click the "Create new template" button
3. Add your template just like in the admin area
We believe that this has the benefit for users to simplify the onboarding process. Creating templates is crucial for our checklist solution. So making this easier is important for the acceptance of the solution also in your organization.
Please note that this feature is not part of the "/Checklist button" macro though.
Adding comments and photos to checklists
We have added a simple feature to add text-only notes and images to checklists. We allow for one text and one picture. Once added both can be erased or changed / replaced.
1. Click "add note / photo" to start
2. Add your text and a picture and save
Images and notes are part of PDF exports as well
This is how this section looks like in the exported PDF:
This was our most requested feature with the highest votes and most discussions yet. The implementation still has some final visual glitches (e.g. unwanted horizontal scrollbar on mobile), that we'll fix in due course. But it's ready for your testing and we're hoping for feedback.
Improved onboarding experience for new users
We have done away with the old layover and created a simple modal that will be presented to new users until they go through it once.
If you want to trigger this manually you can click on the text link "Show first steps" on the lower left:
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